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Title: Sam Winchester Doe Not Panic (Probably)
Author: [ profile] ambersagen 
Reader: [ profile] PencilSketchS
Coverart:[ profile] tenoko1
Pre-Slash Castiel/Dean Winchester
Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Castiel, Bobby Singer
(author's tags)Fluff, Angst , deaging , Age Regression/De-Aging , Kid!Fic , curse , Spells & Enchantments
         (additionally) podfic, podfic length: 1.5-2 hours
(author's summery)
On a witch hunt the boys decide to split up, and things go down hill from there. Suffice to say, Sam is not good with children and Bobby is sick of all their shit.

Or, if you prefer; the one where Cas and Dean get caught in a crazy de-aging spell and Sam is left to cope.


Podfic: (right click to save) [Podfic] Sam Winchester Does Not Panic (Probably) | [Podfic] on AO3
Arhcive Link and Archive Download
Length: 01:45:31
Size: 97MB

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Nov. 3rd, 2014 08:22 am
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: Phase
Author: [ profile] xaandria
Reader + Cover image: [ profile] PencilSketchS
Pairing: Castiel/Dean Winchester
Tags - Author: AU, Destiel Ficlet Challenge, prompt, psychiatric disorders, psychiatric abuse?, drug use/abuse, Unreliable Narrator
Tags - Reader: Podfic, Podfic length: 30-45 minutes
Author's Summery:
A prodigy, he’d been called; the new face of neuroscience, the one who would single-handedly save the world from neurological disorders. A Ph.D by the age of twenty-five, articles in more journals than he could count, whispers about a Nobel Peace Prize as he slid comfortably into his late twenties with the achievement of a sizable new grant to study the subconscious and various sleep disorders.

The grant money had long since run dry. He’d been on a kindly forced “extended sabbatical” that was approaching its third year. Dean refused to think about what would happen when his access to the meager and barely sufficient instruments he had to resort to was revoked. He was so close.

Podfic: (right click to download) [Podfic] Phase | [Podfic] on AO3
Audiofic Archive link and Audiofic Archive zip

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Okay, so I'm waiting to here if the authors are happy with me posting the podfic's of their work somewhere other than AO3. I've gotten 1 out of 4 responses. I'll wait and see about  the rest.

Then, okay, I've found the audiofic archive... and I've uploaded that 1 fic I have permission for... but what now? How do I use the archive? Is it normal to be this confused? Normal or not, though, I am perplexed.

Does anyone have any pointers? Tips? What's obvious to everyone here is kind of a mystery to me right now, so any help is welcome.


Oct. 31st, 2014 08:29 am
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Hm, I suppose it's good to branch out and find new places. So I've signed up to DW.

*cheers* Here's to podficcing.

Please excuse my confused stumblings around.

I'm here for the destiel podfic, looking for a reason to stay.


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